About us


GR L'Immobiliare has been the point of reference in the real estate sector for the sale, purchase and rental of residential and commercial properties for over forty years.

Our offices in Turin, Pinerolo and Frossasco offer dynamic and professional solutions to people interested in research and offers in the real estate sector.

The main objective is to offer the best meeting point between those looking for and those offering properties, guaranteeing seriousness and competence, in order to allow those who turn to GR L'Immobiliare to obtain a vast range of services in the real estate sector.

The operating method of GR L'Immobiliare is based on some simple values, which represent a fundamental and essential objective in carrying out real estate activities: passion, quality and professionalism.

The passion for the real estate sector leads GR L'Immobiliare to invest time and resources to achieve objectives in which it strongly believes.

Every day experience and training updates are combined to guarantee an unquestionable quality of service and great reliability; all this without forgetting that GR L'Immobiliare's greatest resource is its customers: professionalism and attention to the needs of its clients become synonymous with high professionalism.

From this perspective, GR L'Immobiliare abandons the now outdated role of the real estate broker understood in its more restrictive sense of seller, instead taking on the more strategically current role of the real estate consultant who guides each individual client through the intricate network of laws, decrees and regulations. and interpretations, allowing him to have all the elements necessary to evaluate the quality of the real estate transaction he wishes or needs to carry out.


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